Introducing GYF’s ERP and Accounting 911 Service

The GYF ERP Solutions Group has been a strong Oracle NetSuite solution partner for nearly a decade. During this period, we have provided NetSuite implementation and/or support for approximately 70 companies across various industries, many with multiple subsidiaries, with locations in the Pittsburgh area as well as throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Our experience and expertise are evident in the talented consultants on our team.

That said, the GYF ERP professionals are not just consultants supporting our clients. We, too, are NetSuite users, having adopted the software for our operations in 2015. We know firsthand the blessings and challenges that come with implementing and maintaining any software that is critical to an organization’s success, and we utilize our experience to assist other NetSuite users.

In 2015, seeing the need for NetSuite administrators, accounting users and others to have an opportunity to network with other NetSuite users, we formed the Pittsburgh Area NetSuite Users Group, affectionately known as PittNUG. During our quarterly meetings, we provide insight into NetSuite upcoming releases, spotlight functionality by industry, provide tips and tricks (#PittNUGgets) and sometimes welcome third-party vendors to introduce their SuiteApp to the group.

At our recent meeting, the GYF ERP Solutions Group introduced another offering to NetSuite users – ERP and Accounting 911. This new service was inspired by the many requests we have had to jump in at a moment’s notice when our clients have experienced sudden personnel limitations or needed outsourced support to address internal processes. GYF has the capability and expertise to provide short-term and/or long-term staffing assistance to help companies continue to process day-to-day business without interruption. Our new services are detailed below.

ERP 911: On-Demand NetSuite Administration

Many NetSuite clients do not have a full-time Administrator because in some cases, it is not cost-effective or required. Other clients have a dedicated NetSuite Administrator who seems to never be able to take a true vacation. In these cases, and in other situations that require on-demand services, ERP 911 can provide the support to keep your NetSuite system humming along and assist your end users. Some of the specific services we can provide include:

  • Release Management
    • Perform bi-annual NetSuite release preview review/testing protocols
    • Ensure that customizations carry over flawlessly to new releases
    • Recommend new features that could eliminate now unnecessary customizations
  • New/Existing User Support
    • Manage employee records with role assignments required to meet compliance of separation of duty and designation of authority
    • Create/modify custom user roles to enforce data security
    • Develop/publish dashboards for groups or specific users for real-time access to critical key performance indicators
    • Respond to day-to-day questions
  • Continuous Process Improvements and Data Analytics
    • Generate reports/searches/analytics
    • Implement new fields, lists, records for extending business insight
    • Import data and ensure data integrity
    • Assist with integrations
Accounting 911: Day-to-Day Accounting Support

Our accounting support services will provide peace of mind that revenue and costs are booked timely and accurately into NetSuite to provide a smooth period-end closing process. Accounting 911 services can be provided à la carte or by process area on a short- or long-term basis. A sample (not all-inclusive) of our support offerings include:

  • Accounts Payable Support
    • Vendor bill/credit entry/edit
    • Approval monitoring
    • 3-way match monitoring (if applicable)
    • AP aging monitoring
    • Vendor payment processing
    • Employee expense payment processing
  • Accounts Receivable Support
    • Customer data management
    • Customer invoice/credit entry/edit
    • Revenue management (if applicable)
    • Cash application
    • AR aging monitoring
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • Daily matching
    • Period-end reconciliation
  • Period-End Closing
    • Resolve date/period mismatches
    • Address negative inventory (if applicable)
    • Review inventory cost accounting (if applicable)
    • Reconcile currency translations (if applicable)
    • Perform intercompany eliminations
    • Produce/distribute financial reports

If you are in current need of our ERP and Accounting 911 Services or would like to learn more, please reach out to Angie McCoy or Mark Kreminski to schedule a meeting.

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