ERP 911: On-Demand NetSuite Administration

Last week, the GYF ERP Solutions Group introduced two service offerings available for companies that use Oracle NetSuite: GYF ERP 911 and GYF Accounting 911.

Mark Kreminski, our Group’s NetSuite Support Manager, will be coordinating the service for ERP 911. Mark joined GYF in January 2024, bringing many years of experience implementing, developing, and administering NetSuite across various industries and verticals. His previous role was as lead Administrator and Architect for a NetSuite instance with 800 users worldwide. (Click here for more details about Mark’s background)

As noted in our recent post, there are quite a few companies using NetSuite that do not have a full-time NetSuite administrator. This is often due to the role being truly part-time or to budget constraints. Regardless of the reason, GYF’s ERP 911 service can help fill the void, providing the support needed to keep your NetSuite instance operating efficiently and end users performing their responsibilities. Some of the specific services we can provide include:

Release Management

  • Perform bi-annual NetSuite release preview review/testing protocols
  • Ensure that customizations carry over flawlessly to new releases
  • Recommend new features that could eliminate now unnecessary customizations

New/Existing User Support

  • Manage employee records with role assignments required to meet compliance of separation of duty and designation of authority
  • Create/modify custom user roles to enforce data security
  • Develop/publish dashboards for groups or specific users for real-time access to critical key performance indicators
  • Respond to day-to-day questions

Continuous Process Improvements and Data Analytics

  • Generate reports/searches/analytics
  • Implement new fields, lists, records for extending business insight
  • Import data and ensure data integrity
  • Assist with integrations

Our team of NetSuite professionals can help you with your day-to-day and long-term NetSuite Administration needs. If you are in need of GYF ERP 911 or would like to learn more, please reach out to Mark Kreminski to schedule a meeting.

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