NetSuite SuitePeople

SuitePeople leverages the NetSuite platform to eliminate repetitive and manual processes, and provide customizable workflows and reports tailored for how you do business.

  • Flexible Platform – Leverage the flexible and powerful SuiteCloud platform so it can be customized to fit unique HR processes and is always available, anywhere and always up-to-date on the latest release.
  • Universal Data – Ensure that relevant people information is available throughout the enterprise, allowing companies to nurture, protect and develop their most valuable resources, their people. The SuitePeople user experience was designed to make the job easier for people in every role.
  • Unified Access – Seamlessly report and analyze employee information from services, to the shop floor and the warehouse. This frictionless movement of data through the unified data model improves decision making for every user of the suite.
  • Role-Based Security – Allow executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support both themselves and their teams, while ensuring that sensitive HR data is visible only to those who need to see it using SuitePeople’s sophisticated roles and permissions features.
  • Global Reach – Enable management of global workforces with enhanced with HR localizations on NetSuite’s global platform.

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Features and Benefits

SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople is a solution designed to help companies manage all payroll aspects of their business in a single system. For companies looking to take control of their payroll management and remove the burden of disparate payroll data while adopting efficiency and insights into their payroll practices, SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople is an excellent solution.

Simplify Payroll Processing

Payroll is a critical business function that needs to run as efficiently as possible. One disruption can have a significant impact across the whole company. Our payroll services can streamline your processes, helping you reduce costs and ensuring timely payroll processes. You can print checks locally, provide support for multi-state employees, and handle year-end tax filings for your employees and contractors.

Operating streamlined payroll processes can be challenging, particularly when dealing with rapid growth. For companies focused on meeting their business goals and keeping employees happy, time and accuracy are extremely valuable. You want a payroll service that can seamlessly integrate with your solution, adapt to changing payroll needs and give you the support you need, when you need it.

SuitePeople’s U.S. Payroll solution provides companies with efficient end-to-end payroll processing and management:

  • Fully integrated into SuitePeople core HR and Accounting modules
  • All employer and employee payroll taxes paid
  • Form submission to tax authorities
  • Direct deposit included, with printed checks available
  • Supports all federal and state tax, including over 10,000 local jurisdictions
  • Tax law changes monitored and accounted for
  • State tax reciprocity and local tax sharing rules supported
  • Current and cumulative online pay statements for employees
  • Year-end W2 generation and ACA reporting

What makes SuitePeople U.S. Payroll a full-service solution is not just the product, but the ongoing support our team of experts provide to ensure your success. From certified professionals, to phone and online communication to resources you can access at any time, we’ve got you covered. SuitePeople U.S. Payroll gives you access to APA-certified team members who are consistently trained to support the needs of payroll. Your dedicated NetSuite account manager will be sure that each of your submitted cases will be addressed by SuitePeople Payroll support.

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