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Using NetSuite, Wholesale Distributors can run their businesses on a unified cloud platform, reducing IT costs and gaining comprehensive, real-time visibility across their organizations. Eliminate multiple, disparate applications to bring all your data into a single, customizable system, accessible from anywhere. NetSuite’s Wholesale Distribution solution manages all of your business processes, from marketing, selling and ordering to shipping, billing, cash management, general ledger, support, upselling and reordering.

NetSuite integrates your accounting, ERP, CRM, and ecommerce applications to deliver a single, real-time view of the customer across all departments and all locations. With NetSuite, you can convert leads to orders, orders to shipments, and shipments to revenue without re-entering data into different applications. NetSuite also includes advanced tools for accurate, cost-effective inventory management that drive higher service levels for your customers.

NetSuite also extends into the order fulfillment, packing and shipping processes of a warehouse. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution enables Wholesale Distributors to optimally manage their operations with RF-device directed put-away and picking tasks driven by customized, user-defined strategies and advanced capabilities like wave management, cartonization, cycle count planning, real time inventory updates and integration with shipping systems.

With NetSuite OneWorld, organizations can manage multinational and multi-company businesses in real time, and NetSuite’s Planning & Budgeting solution for Wholesale Distributors provides additional industry-specific capability.

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Features and Benefits

NetSuite offers a variety of modules and add-on solutions to allow organizations to customize the product to meet their business needs. Additionally, SuiteSuccess utilizes industry best practices for a fast and effective implementation that delivers added functionality for Wholesale Distributors.

Warehouse Solutions

NetSuite WMS is designed to help distributors, manufacturers and retailers manage inventory, manufacturing and picking processes as quickly and accurately as possible with minimal additional setup. It is not a starter product, but offers the ideal solution for a specific type of warehouse. For example, NetSuite WMS fits perfectly in the following environments:

  • Less Complex Functional Warehouses – Warehouses where strategy rules provide suggested moves and help streamline operations
  • Light Assemblers/Manufacturers – Businesses using NetSuite’s work orders and assemblies feature can automate component picks and assembly builds
  • Retail Stores – In an omnichannel world, every retail location can serve as a distribution center, and NetSuite WMS makes it easy to manage inventory anywhere
  • Mobile Inventory – Trucks, trailers and other non-traditional environments can serve as distribution centers tracked by NetSuite WMS

Inventory Management

Our native Demand Planning module is specifically designed to provide the user with the ability to predict required inventory based on historical demand or sales forecasts. Advanced Inventory provides a broad array of capabilities to optimize inventory availability and levels, enabling businesses to keep inventory costs low while meeting customers’ delivery expectations.

Key features include:

  • Tighten control over your full inventory lifecycle across multiple locations
  • Slash costs for procurement, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment
  • Boost customer satisfaction by eliminating stock-outs and speeding deliveries
  • Continuously monitor and improve performance with real-time dashboards and analytics

Advanced Order Management

As customer expectation and supply chain complexity continue to rise, it is more critical than ever to deliver the perfect order. How does this happen efficiently and profitably? By automating your order promising, allocation, orchestration and execution processes. Once achieved, you can intelligently choose how to fulfill orders based on your global inventory availability and business rules. NetSuite’s Advanced Order Management adds allocation orchestration to NetSuite Order Management, enabling you to deliver the perfect order every time.

Key benefits include:

  • Order Sourcing and Allocation – Automatic location assignment decides the smartest fulfillment location based on your global inventory and business rules
  • Release for Fulfillment – Get control over your release-for-fulfillment process with a second automated process that decides when to release orders and notifies each fulfillment location of which orders to fulfill
  • Exception Management – Merchants can automatically handle most order exceptions so the business can scale with fixed headcount
  • Store Pickup – Merchants have full control over which locations and items participate in the pickup process with enhanced sales order functionality to support store pickup and mixed orders
  • Ship From Store – Save the sale by turning your stores into warehouses to meet customer demand, increase inventory turns and reduce markdowns
  • Order Management Insight and KPIs – Better manage your business through increased visibility of your fulfillment operations

Quality Management

Designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment to enforce policies and standards. NetSuite’s Quality Management Solution has been designed to help you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead regardless of the size and complexity of your business and product line.

Key benefits include:

  • Formalize quality policies, standards and practices
  • Improved product quality
  • Initiate quality activities from business transactions
  • Collect in-process and incoming inspection results
  • Compare to pass/fail criteria
  • Integrated non-conformance reporting
  • Reduced cost of quality

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