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We understand that software alone does not ensure optimization and outcome for a business. The processes in which the software is used are critical to a business’s success. A Business Process Review uses a systematic approach to helping our customers streamline their underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. Our focus is to align your organization’s business processes towards the goal of meeting the needs of your clients, partners, and vendors.

Our NetSuite Consultants will partner with you to improve your business’s profitability and operating efficiency, all while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. We work diligently to understand your specific business process flows and offer advice on how to best leverage the powerful NetSuite application to streamline your business and sharpen your competitive edge.

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NetSuite Assessment & Sales

This service is for organizations that are exploring an ERP/Financial software product for their businesses. If you are not sure that the NetSuite solutions will address your specific business requirements, we offer an assessment of fit and a pre-sale, hands-on walkthrough of the NetSuite software. During this assessment, we gather your key requirements and configure a demonstration as a proof of concept that NetSuite will address those requirements.

As a well-regarded NetSuite Solution Partner, we work on your behalf to secure the best subscription model and pricing with Oracle NetSuite that is considerate of your software needs and budget. If you decide to purchase a NetSuite solution, we partner with you from pre-sale through post-implementation support. 

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NetSuite Implementation & Configuration

The ERP Solutions Group is certified in NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology for implementation. The key to the methodology is to implement the NetSuite solution utilizing the embedded leading practices for specific industries in order to provide a least-disruptive, successful transition to the new solution. This approach relies on proven best-practices and focuses less on customization. SuiteSuccess requires the customer’s project team be fully involved in the anticipated 100-120 day implementation phase.

As a complement to SuiteSuccess, the GYF ERP Solutions Group will follow our own engagement process as documented in the GYF Engagement Letter. This process includes:

  • A formal project initiation meeting with defined members of customer and GYF project teams
  • Role assignments for each member
  • Development of a Project Charter
  • Goals stated and agreed upon
  • Governance committee members defined (if necessary)
  • Governance meetings scheduled (if necessary)
  • Development of weekly Project Status reports by GYF which include:
    • Work completed for the reporting period
    • Work to be completed the following period
    • Update to the implementation plan
    • Concerns/issues that may impact Go Live
    • Month to Date Time Report for tasks marked as T&M
  •  A formal project wrap-up meeting with project team members present

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NetSuite Customization & Development

With NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess industry-specific subscriptions, customizations and development are not always required for companies that are open to adopting the leading practices embedded into the solution. These leading practices include permission-driven roles, pre-configured dashboards and reports, and process workflows with approvals.

However, when customizations are necessary, the GYF ERP Solutions Team includes experienced consultants certified in the SuiteDevelopment tools and SuiteScript coding language. Our approach to customizations begins with the development of a statement of work to capture customer requirements with expected end results.

The statement of work details the steps followed in the development process, which occurs in a non-production/sandbox environment:

  • Custom data/record fields to be added
  • Screen fields/tabs to be added/moved
  • Workflows/scripts to be developed
  • PDF/HTML document changes required
  • Impact on native NetSuite applications
  • Pre-release testing
  • Provisioning from sandbox development to production

Once a statement of work is approved and as development progresses, checkpoint meetings are held with the customer to ensure expectations continue to align. Upon completion of development/testing in the sandbox, user acceptance testing takes place. Once accepted, customizations are provisioned into the production environment using NetSuite’s bundle protocol procedures.

Similarly, where third-party applications are required to be integrated into NetSuite, a statement of work scoping out the when/how of the integration is created for approval prior to initiating development of the integrations.

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NetSuite Optimization & Support

Following “go-live” of the NetSuite solution into an organization, the first month involves supporting end-users as they acclimate to the new software and processes needed to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. Our consultants are available as necessary to guide end-users through these initial days to ensure comfort and confidence in the transactions generated within the NetSuite application. 

In addition, the post-implementation timeframe typically includes improvements to end-user dashboards and reports in order to optimize when/how data is disseminated throughout the organization. Our service includes supporting the finance team as they approach month-end processing in NetSuite to produce the organization’s financial comparative reports.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

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